Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy dinner day. I had "pizza quesadillas" on the menu, but decided to just do regular pizza instead. I had plans to make the dough, but got even lazier and bought some dough from the grocery store. Perfect! bought dough (the good stuff in a tube), store bought pizza sauce, pepperoni, shredded cheese, and pineapple. It was great! Jack helped assemble the pizza and wanted to make a "J" out of his pepperoni. So this is what he came up with...

So cute! And...super impressive...he ate the WHOLE THING! Pepperoni pizza is a new food on Jack's super small list of "acceptable" foods, so it was super awesome that he ate this whole thing. We were so proud of him.

That's it for today!

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