Sunday, January 16, 2011


We've been absent the last few days! Really, dinner just hasn't been that exciting around here. :) Thursday we had the homemade pizza...and here's how the rest of it has gone down...

Friday - Breakfast for dinner (pancakes and bacon)

Saturday - was a crazy day. Jack got sick and we ended up at urgent care with a diagnosis of a double ear infection. I (Stephanie) had store bought hummus and pita bread for dinner, and Lonnie had leftover pizza. (Side note - Trader Joe's Chipotle Hummus rocks.)

Sunday - tonight we had fried rice and frozen egg rolls. The fried rice wasn't that great and the egg rolls had a horrible texture. (Another side note - Trader Joe's veggie egg rolls don't rock.)

So....we haven't had any meals to blog about!

Hopefully the rest of the week is a little more exciting. In all honesty, things are a little rough with our family right now. Raising a child with autism is extremely challenging. And when you add an illness to those challenges - it feels almost impossible. If the posts are sparse this week, it's because we're busy and exhausted. I'll try to get caught up when I get a chance!

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